Extending Graceful Hands to Those Falling through the Cracks in Society


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Supporting Underserved Young Adults

Societal problem

Those most affected by today’s slowing economy are people who have limited education, very low to no income, hard to employ, and seemingly unemployable in the traditional workplace. Unfortunately, job creation creeps at a pace slower than the needs of these residents and their families.

Our solution

Fortunately, careers in sales and customer service are always in demand and offer unlimited earning potential requiring minimal formal education, but evolving communication skills. Our role as a ministry is to offer a means of support to those committed to acquiring those skills through on-the job commission sales training.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help stabilize people from underserved areas who are working to create an income for themselves through on-the job training in sales and customer service.

What we do

Our Services

Graceful Hands works closely with several for-profit business organizations that specialize in recruiting and training agents from underserved communities for on-the-job direct sales careers which pay 100% commission. We assist with rooming, meals, personal grooming, and uniform costs to enable agents to build a sustainable sales income. In addition, we have a ministry that encourages and feeds the homeless in the communities where the agents reside.  We are also partnering with social organizations to provide a myriad of services to strengthen and increase their mental, physical, social, and economic health.



We help subsidize housing for our members which is essentially shared hotel rooming expenses being that they travel 100% of the time. One of the great benefits to on the job sales training is that our members get an opportunity to leave their environment, travel to major cities across the nation.



During holidays and some extended periods, hot “home style” meals are provided to absorb most dinner costs for our hard working representatives. At other times, meals are purchased or vouchers are provided. We also feed the homeless in communities where our agents come from.

Personal Care

We help our agents maintain a neat, professional appearance essential in any business, particularly sales. A resident barber is available to men and hair salon vouchers are provided for women (beauty supplies available for women who style their own hair).

Business Clothing

We provide business clothing and some accessories for both men and women to maintain a neat, professional appearance in sales.


Basic Life Skills

Assistance in obtaining basic life documentation such as current state identification, social security cards, birth certificates


Social Services

Assistance in obtaining basic life documentation such as current state identification, social security cards, birth certificates