About Us

About Graceful Hands

Our Cause

Working on commission sales is a tough way to earn a living. Especially when you’re starting out with little to no livable income. We support, encourage, and serve those individuals who are working to create an income for themselves and their families

Our Vision

is to create a national ministry that helps underserved youth and young adults develop basic skills for self sustainability and reach back to help others from their community to do the same.

Who We Are

Graceful Hands is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization formed to provide assistance with housing, food, transportation, and social services to participants in on-the-job training programs working as independent sales and customer service representatives.

What We Do

We work closely with on-the-job commission sales businesses that train people from underserved communities for  careers in sales by assisting with rooming, meals, personal grooming, and uniform costs. We also have a ministry which encourages and feeds the homeless.

Help us help Oursleves


Our fundraising agents are also members of our organization whom we serve. They help to ensure we raise funds to provide the services they benefit from.